Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Important is the Wedding Music in Miami?

When planning your big day in Miami, Never forget how important your choice of wedding music. Wedding music dictate the tone of your ceremony, creates the mood and speaks of your love for one another. One of the most important aspects of the wedding ceremony, besides the exchange of vows, is the music. Depending on what you choose, your music can greatly enhance your wedding. How do you go about choosing the kind of music for your Miami wedding?

There are two aspects of your wedding music that you need to consider when planning your wedding day.

First, realize that different music will be played during different times throughout your wedding. What might be appropriate for your reception may not be for when guests are arriving, etc. While the wedding music may be different, you might want to stick to the same musical theme. For example, if you hire a string quartet to play at your ceremony, it would probably be best to have a live band at your wedding instead of a DJ. But if you choose a compilation of prerecorded music, a DJ might work better for your reception.

When you're researching your wedding ceremony options, be sure to inquire about any guidelines regarding wedding ceremony music as these could possibly impact your decision. If the ceremony is being held outdoors, check for electrical hook-ups or book Miami wedding musicians.

You might want to create a feeling of solemnity while guests are arriving, to demonstrate the importance of the day. Or, you may wish to hear something more sentimental, such as your favorite songs as a couple. You may also consider something upbeat, that creates a feeling of excitement you can share with your guests. There are so many choices you can make, it will take some time to decide what suits your ceremony music best.

Whatever your musical choices, you will need to choose a specific piece of music to walk down the aisle with. Usually, the bride chooses a special piece for herself, and the rest of the processional gets one or two other pieces. Some traditional choices are the Wedding March, or Pachelbel Cannon, but nearly any piece of music that you find beautiful will work for you. Keep in mind that the processional music will cease when you get to the end of the aisle, so the length of the aisle is important. You can cue the music to start in a certain section so you hear the part you want while you walk down the aisle.

You also may choose to have shorter pieces of music played during your wedding ceremony. This can create such a beautiful moment for you and your guests to reflect on your marriage and wedding, and allow you to take a moment to revel in the experience. You can choose pieces that have meaning for you, or you can ask family members that you wish to honor to choose something significant. Either way, it is a great way to add a personal touch to your ceremony music.

However you choose your music for that special ceremony, keep in mind that the music is bound to be one of the things your guests remember most. If it’s special to you, it will be special to them, as well.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my wedding and the miami wedding band

After all the headaches and pressures, the wedding is finally over. I can’t believe we have done it perfectly. I realized planning a wedding can be enjoyable as long as you take one step at a time with a clear head.

Today, I just received a text message from a friend saying “Your wedding is inspiring and memorable. I will never forget it.

I am flattered.


Every couple wants to create a unique wedding experience that will be remembered by all their guests. That’s what I wanted too. And that’s what happened!

I asked myself..

Is it because of my wedding ceremony? food? reception?


It is because of my favourite Miami wedding band that performs all night! Dancing and having a good time with my guests!

They played a wide range of musical styles and eras, packing the dance floor with their high-energy performance. The good times are nonstop as the band seamlessly goes from one song into another, like a DJ segues one tune to the next. Even dinner is accompanied by entertaining background music, performed live by a few of the band members.

I simply love their wedding music.

Other may say “ hey, the food is great!” or “your wedding ambience is awesome”. But what I love most about my wedding, is that everything was highlighted by the band that played during the wedding. I was simply amazed by their performance. So if you want to make your big day unforgettable, you must know how choose the perfect Miami wedding musicians in the planet.